Water & Waste Engineering

Mater’s Course for Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Departament of Civil Engineering, Fri. 3rd (13:00 – 14:30)

[Important] Schedule change!!!

5/24 NO class, 6/29 Sat. Supplementary class


6/7 Wastewater treatment system in Japan

6/21 Watershed water quality risk management

6/28 Solid waste management system

6/29 Report & Presentation

7/5 Waste management and climate change

7/12 Disaster debris management

7/19 Presentation(1)

7/26 Presentation(2)

8/2 Submission of report

5/31 Disaster resilience and water system Handouts

5/17 Water quality risk management in emergency Handouts

5/10 Water safety plan Handouts

World Health Organization, Water Safety Plans Managing drinking-water quality from cathcment to consumer – URL

4/26 Water supply system in Japan Handouts

T. Oki and et al. : Virtual water trade to Japan and in the world, Virtual Water Trade, Editedby A.Y. Hoekstra. Proceedings of the International Expert Meeting on Virtual Water Trade. Delf, The Netherlands, 12-13 December 2002, Value of Water Research Report Series, No.12, 221-235, 2003.

Prof. Taikan OKI (University of Tokyo)’s web site (in Japanese) 

4/19 Drinking water quality risk management  Handouts

ISO 1400 family – Environmental management – URL

WHO Guidelinse for drinking-water quality, 4th edition URL

4/12 Introduction