2023 Water & Waste Eng.

Master’s course for Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Department of Civil Engineering.

I & II semester, Friday 3rd (13:00-14:30)

Environmental Studies Lecture Room 1

This class will be provided on Hybrid (In-person & zoom).

5/12 Water Safety Plan


4/28 Water Supply System in Japan


4/21 Drinking Water Quality Risk Management


4/14 Introduction & Guidance

Outline: We will give lectures on the water and wastewater system, waste management system, the management system and cutting-edge technologies for water, waste, and human health and the environment. In addition, we consider the water and waste system from the viewpoint of natural disaster, climate change, and depopulation society. Also, we will dicuss the emergency environmental management.


  • To management system and technology for water and waste management system
  • To discuss and explain on water, wastewater and waste management.
  • To discuss the future water and waste system with the influence on natural disaster, climate change, and depopulation society.
  • To understand emergency environmental management.