Business Continuity Management: Tell us what you do!

The Hirayama Laboratory of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies of Nagoya
University of Japan is developing a research entitled “Development of Self-Evaluation Tools on
the Business Continuity Management of the Large-Scale Operating Mines in the Philippines”

mainly in the form of a survey This survey questionnaire is envisioned to be
integral to the Philippine-wide qualitative and quantitative research project designed for the
large-scale mining companies in our country to self-assess their respective disaster
management efforts.

This page is to request from you your participation in answering a survey questionnaire about
the Disaster Risk Reduction practices being observed by your company. This survey is
composed of 53 questions and may take around 30 minutes to answer.

Please be informed that your participation in the above-mentioned survey is completely voluntary
and the feedback will be kept confidential within the research staff and the data will be used only
for the purpose of this research.

The Survey Questionnaire and its User Guide can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

After accomplishing the survey questionnaire, please send it to the email addresses,

Contact Information:
Researcher: Jhumar Sioson
Research Supervisor: Nagahisa Hirayama
Nagoya University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Email addresses:;
Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Japan


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